2023 Justice Forum Agenda

2023 Justice Forum Agenda 2023 Justice Forum Venue Map & Legend 2023 Justice Forum Full Program The agenda for 2023 is coming soon, be sure you’re registered and we will provide you updates as they become available! We’ve prepared a survey to gather stories, information, and to act as a space to share your priorities […]

2023 Justice Forum

The BCFNJC is seeking to bring together First Nations leaders, Rights holders, Knowledge Keepers, and subject matter experts in British Columbia with an in-depth understanding of Indigenous justice to set priorities for the road ahead as we advance implementation of the BC First Nations Justice Strategy. This is an opportunity to caucus and review the progress BCFNJC […]

Virtual Indigenous Justice Centre

Welcome! The Virtual Indigenous Justice Centre (VIJC) is a BC Government-funded initiative that is solely delivered by the BC First Nations Justice Council (BCFNJC).  The goal of the VIJC is to provide no-cost legal services to Indigenous clients living in under-served areas of the province where access to legal advice or representation is difficult or […]


Considering Gladue factors in corrections Gladue principles are about recognizing that the social determinants of crime, aka Gladue factors, have had a disproportionate impact on Indigenous people in Canada. They apply across the entire criminal justice system. Correctional decision makers can apply fair treatment to Indigenous offenders, recognize the unique social history and culture of […]

Crown Counsel

How to request a Gladue report? The Gladue Services Department is working in collaboration with BC Prosecution Service (BCPS) to make the application of Gladue more accessible and functional for all crown counsel in BC. Crown counsel can request a Gladue report through the Justice Services Branch (JSB) of the Ministry of Attorney General. Crown […]

Defence Counsel

Criteria In order to request a Gladue report, your client must self-identify as First Nations, Metis, or Inuit. Applications of Gladue reports To ensure fair treatment of Indigenous people, defence counsel, crown counsel and the judge all have an obligation to apply Gladue principles. The BCFNJC writes Gladue reports for the following types of hearings: […]


How to obtain a Gladue report Part of the work the BC First Nations Justice Council (BCFNJC) and the judiciary in BC will be engaged in is to address the Gladue report process and create a system that is best suited for all parties involved, including the judiciary.   In the interim, as of April 01, […]

Gladue Report Writers

Who are Gladue report writers? Gladue report writers come from diverse backgrounds. Many Gladue report writers share backgrounds in law, criminology, sociology, and social work among many others.  Gladue report writers are not advocates, and maintain a neutral, unbiased, and objective perspective when interviewing and writing Gladue reports.  Gladue report writers are members of a […]

Crisis Resources

Important Numbers If you are in need of help, please don’t hesitate to reach out to any of the resources listed below. National Indian Residential Schools Crisis Line (Canada): 24-hour access 1-866-925-4419 Provides mental health, emotional and cultural support services to eligible former Indian Residential School students and their families  Resolution Health Support Program Services […]

Information for the Public

Do you have Gladue rights? Yes. First Nations, Metis and Inuit who self identify, have Gladue rights. Your Gladue rights apply if you live off or on a reserve as well as in an Indigenous or in a non-Indigenous community. Due to the R. v. Gladue decision, judges now have a duty to review information coming from a […]